Rob Samuels, COO of Maker's Mark

“My favorite cocktail is Maker's with ice. My favorite cocktail moment was in Paris at the Hemingway Bar where Colin Field (the most famous barman in Europe) served a wonderful drink with Maker's from a shaker that had the night before made drinks for the Rolling Stones. That night Colin gave me the shaker, a beautiful sterling silver, which I now use at home with all our guests.”


Roy Lee Wigginton,

Distillery Marketing Coordinator at Maker's Mark

“As far as cocktails go, I tend to change with the seasons. In the warmer months, a great riff on a julep or a whisky sour, made with egg white, really hits the spot. The egg white is key. In the cooler months, I love to make a pot of steaming wassail, complete with citrus, spices, and Maker’s. A well-made Maker’s Old Fashioned transcends the seasons. All that being said, more often than not, Maker’s and ice is what you’ll find in my hand. And for some reason, it seems to taste even better while in a porch swing!"


Colin Spoelman, Co-founder of Kings County Distillery

“I drink it straight most of the time. In the summer, I throw an ice cube in there.”

Vince Oleson,

Head Distiller at Widow Jane Distillery

"I take my bourbon more often than not out of my pewter flask...after a long day at the distillery I don't always feel like going out to a bar. It's nice to take a couple sips of Widow Jane bourbon on my subway ride home to help ease me into my evening. It's also nice to have when I go out as a way to taste people on our newer whiskeys that are maturing. Or if "friends" invite me out somewhere without a bourbon selection. I think everyone should carry a quality flask. It might introduce you to a new friend. It might make your night. It might save your life. I know it's not the "ideal" way to drink a good bourbon but if it doesn't taste good out of a flask it certainly isn't going to taste good in a Glencairn."


Eric Gregory, President of the Kentucky Distillers' Association

“My favorite way to drink Kentucky bourbon is on the rocks, just as the frosty chill hits the glass. That’s how my father enjoyed his evening drink on the patio with the afternoon newspaper. One day when I was coming of age, I mixed a bourbon and Coke, grabbed the sports section and pulled up a chair next to him. He glanced over the paper and said, ‘Son, what do you think you’re doing?’ I explained that it had been a rough day at work and I wanted to relax. He replied, ‘I understand that, but don’t ruin my good bourbon with pop. Drink it on the rocks, or neat, or buy your own.’ I never mixed my bourbon with soda again.”


Peggy Noe Stevens, Chair Emeritus of Bourbon Women

"My favorite way to drink bourbon is to pour equal parts bourbon and ice, because I prefer a cooler drink, but I always drink my bourbon before any ice melts."